The Breathwork Community

The Grof Foundation is a worldwide non-profit organization of dedicated to the legacy of Stanislav and Christina Grof's work.
The Grof Foundation sponsors a
FREE website that is a major resource for anyone interested in Holotropic Breathwork. You are invited to visit, share your experiences, ask questions, catch up on the latest research, and find Holotropic Breathwork workshops in your area.
The mission of the Foundation is to support the practice of Holotropic Breathwork as a resource for healing and transformation. AHBI does this by:
  • Striving to make Holotropic Breathwork available to all who might benefit from it,
  • Supporting the practice of Holotropic Breathwork facilitators and participants,
  • Enabling connections and communications among all who are interested in Holotropic Breathwork,
  • Promoting awareness about Holotropic Breathwork by distributing information and research in a variety of languages and formats, and
  • Supporting research into the theory, practice, and effects of Holotropic Breathwork.